November 2016 – On the 20th October earthworks commenced on site at 2 Fishermans Lane, Bobs Cove on a stunning building platform.  The site overlooks the cove with the Thompson Mountains in the distance.  Initially the team faced a challenge with the soil profile which included several underground springs throughout the site.  This called for some creative sub grade drainage solutions which were engineered accordingly.  Three weeks into the build and the major earthworks have been completed with the crew preparing the slab on grade areas whilst getting ready for the structural steel, due to arrive in the coming weeks.  Completion on this project is set for July 2017.

16 December 2016 – Great progress is being made on this new building site.  Several slabs on grade areas have been poured and the first stages of the structural steel have been installed.  We will be moving on to framing early in the New Year.

15 February 2017 – This build has been progressing well and as part of our stage one works the steel portals are in place with framing due to commence around them.  The team has overcome the difficult set out conditions with some ‘thinking outside the box’ and are now moving into stage 2 while the framing and carpentry team follow behind.  With the frames starting to go up, a great visual feel has been created and you can appreciate how this build will work in the amazing natural setting of Bobs Cove.


20 September 2016 – Earthworks have now commenced on this 5 bedroom high end home situated on ‘The Preserve’ at Jacks Point.  Earthworks will progress over the next two months in preparation for the beginning of the build at the end of the year.  Construction is expected to take a little over a year to complete.

11 November 2016 – Cut and fill earthworks are nearing completion and landscaping walls are underway.  We are now nearly ready to start foundations pre Christmas or early in the new year.

16 December 2016 – Stage 1 Building Consent has now been received and we are ready to start foundations on this exciting project in the New Year.

13 February 2017 – The foundation works are underway – the team are looking forward to this quality build on such a picturesque site.  Blockwork foundations and slab preparation will follow over the next few weeks.


9 August 2016 – At the beginning of July, earthworks began on a new ‘4 Suite Villa’ at Blanket Bay.  Despite rain and snow, earthworks have progressed well and we are close to starting detailed excavation for the footings of the building structural slab.  The Villa will be constructed in two stages with a shut down over summer while the lodge is at its busiest.  Project completion is programmed for November 2017.

20 September 2016 – Bulk earthworks and large digger-stacked stone walls are complete.  The footings have been excavated and foundation block work is progressing.  Building Consent 2 design is also progressing on this ‘4 Suite Villa’ at Blanket Bay.

3 November 2016 – The chimney has been installed as a precast unit having been freighted in from Motueka and craned into place.  Construction has continued on the slab and block walls and slab pours are nearly complete.  Building Consent 2 (BC2) design is progressing and we aim to lodge for approval later this month.

16 December 2016 – Over the past month the block walls have been completed and in the cold rain yesterday, the steel trusses were installed showing off the 40 degree pitch to the villa roof line.  The hardwood trusses are being constructed and look very impressive.

16 February 2017 – January has seen the completion of structural steel and the construction of 80% of the impressive hardwood trusses.  Roof framing is progressing well in areas where hardwood trusses have been erected.  The roof will be going on in early March.  Landscape design is nearing completion and hardscape works will progress as access to areas is made available once roof has been constructed.  This build is taking shape.



At the NZ Commercial Project Awards held on 6 May 2016, Triple Star’s project – “Aro Ha Wellness Retreat” was announced as a Gold Award Winner and judged National Category Winner in the Tourism and Leisure Category.


5 May 2016 – Following the completion of bulk earthworks in February, construction slowed through March while some design changes were concluded on this 3 level, 3 apartment high end complex at Lake Hayes Road overlooking spectacular Lake Hayes. Triple Star are now gearing up again with the majority of foundations excavated for the lower apartment, site concrete in place, and boxing up of footings. The footings for Apartment 1 are programmed for concrete pour in mid to late May.

14 June 2016 – BC1 works are progressing well with the bulk of footings poured for Apartment 1 and slab construction progressing.  Apartment 2 foundations are underway. We are anticipating design for BC2 – from the foundations up, at the end of the month.

9 August 2016 – BC1 works have progressed well through July with Apartment 1 slab and retaining walls largely completed.  The main services trench has been excavated with works on Apartment 2 slab commencing.  Footings for the large landscape retaining walls have also been laid with block walls now ready to go up.  Design documentation for the next stage of the project has now been issued and we are working on programme and logistics for these works.  BC2 construction is currently programmed from the end of September throughout 2017.

20 September 2016 – The BC1 construction works are nearing completion with the final push on block work underway.  Footings for Apartment 2 are nearly complete, prior to moving on to slab construction.  The internal walls for Apartment 1 have been erected and ready to be poured.  Structural steel for Apartment 1 is currently being manufactured to hold up the concrete flat slabs for Apartment 1 roof and Apartment 2 floor.

4 November 2016 – The block walls on Apartment 1 have been completed and poured.  Structural steel has been craned into position.  The concrete flat slabs are under construction for the roof of Apartment 1 and the floor for Apartment 2.  The slab has been poured for Apartment 2.

16 December 2016 – This build is progressing well. The flat slabs have been installed over the block walls and structural steel on level one.  The floor on level 2 has now been poured over the flat slabs. Work continues on Apartment 2 block walls and structural steel.  The next floor level will be going in early in the New Year.

16 February 2017 – The structural steel for Apartment 2 roof/Apartment 3 floor is currently being erected.  The concrete flat slabs are being stockpiled on site for installation once structural steel is in place.  Walls to Apartment 3 are to be erected once slab is constructed over the flat slabs.


27 April 2016 – This Triple Star build on Mica Ridge, Millbrook Resort got underway in December 2015.  This residential home is 405m square including a loft and is a timber framed building with an integrated structural steel frame.  This home will be finished in cedar weatherboard cladding, schist walls and exposed timber trusses with glazed external trusses.  We are progressing well with the wall and roof framing.

20 June 2016 – The winter weather played a part in roofing work delays, however work has since progressed well with the building wrapped ready for schist and cedar cladding.  The main focus at present is installing all windows, flashings and some early internal preparation for future trades.

9 August 2016 – It is a busy time on site with internal lining preparations and service first fix items well underway, ready for internal linings and trades to commence this week.  The exterior is taking shape with the use of quality stone and cedar.

20 September 2016 – The scaffold has now been removed as we near the end of this build.  The external areas are progressing with the schist stone nearly complete and the driveway taking shape.  Inside the house we are in full swing with painting, timber finishes and tiling all well underway.

9 November 2016 – Our happy clients are moving into this quality home at Mica Ridge, Millbrook this week.


27 April 2016 – Triple Star began this Ayrburn Ridge, Millbrook Resort build in October 2015.  This residential build is a 360m square two storey home.  The building is timber framed with cedar shiplap cladding and schist walls.  There are timber windows and door joinery throughout with external timber shutters and high quality interior finishes including internal stone and cedar cladding.  Only two months left of this planned 9 month build and there is still plenty to do externally with the inside progressing well.

20 June 2016 – Works are progressing well in the closing stages of this project.  Cabinetry, lighting and a few last minute painting items are underway this week.  Plenty going on outside with driveway preparation, the last of the schist stonework and a courtyard slab pour.  This house will be ready for owners to move into next week.

9 August 2016 – Construction works are now complete and our client has taken possession of this outstanding property.  High level finishes and attention to detail has created a house we can all be proud of.  Landscape works will be progressing into the spring, ready for seasonal planting.


In early April 2016 Triple Star began site preparation for 12 of 22 residential houses at North Terrace, Jacks Point.

Pre slab plumbing has been completed for 6 of the lots and the fully insulated maxraft system is about to commence with a target of 3 completed slabs per week.  Prenail frames and trusses arrive for the first 3 houses on 26 April 2016 ready for the carpentry crew to get started.

9 June 2016 – Of the 22 residential houses we are building, we have 14 slabs poured with frames erected on 9 of them.  Roofing has commenced on 3 houses with the same houses also in the process of being wrapped ready for window installation.  We expect all slabs to be poured by early July.

9 August 2016 – The frames are now up for 17 of the 22 houses, with cedar cladding being progressed to 9 of the houses.  All Maxraft slabs have now been poured with the garage slabs being progressed in line with the required sequence.  Three houses are looking to progress internal fit out from mid August.  First fix electrical and plumbing services are progressing as the roofs are installed.

20 September 2016 – Six of the 22 houses have passed pre-line inspections now with linings underway.  Painting and tiling has commenced this week.  We are pushing on with cedar cladding and enclosure to Lots 1, 2 and 7 with Lots 13, 14 and 15 ready for pre-line in the next 4 weeks.

11 November 2016 – Five more houses have been clad and passed the pre-line inspection and are being lined internally.  Painting and tiling is ongoing throughout the first 6 houses with kitchen and other joinery moving in behind.  Three more frames are currently being stood with a view to having all but 4 roofs on by Christmas.  External works are underway on driveways and decks.

16 December 2016 – We continue with internal finishing on several lots with kitchen joinery and bathrooms being fitted out.  Lighting and power fit out underway along with all tapware and sanitary finishes.  Fifteen houses are nearing completion with the remaining 7 at the framing stage with roofs in the process of being installed.  External works are underway on driveways and decks.

15 February 2017 – All frames are now up and the first few houses have reached practical completion with landscaping completed.  We are hoping to have 16 of the 22 houses at practical completion stage by the end of March.


On 27 August, 2014 Edge Construction started on site as labour only for a new residential three level dwelling.  Called ‘The Peak’,  it is situated on Queenstown Hill overlooking Queenstown Bay, across to Cecil Peak and beyond.   The build is due for completion in February 2016.

23 February 2015 – Latest update has the build midway through concrete framing.

10 August 2015 – We have been making good progress on this project through the winter months, shown in the photo update.

7 September 2015 – As we move into the spring weather, electrical, plumbing and drainage work is being completed. Internal framing continues, more cavity sliders being installed and schist work on chimney underway.

2 October 2015 – Lots happening on site with external fireplace and spa enclosure footings poured.  Internal ceiling and wall linings with bathroom tiling also underway.  The first fix of electrical/plumbing/mechanical/AV is now almost complete.

6 November 2015 – Very busy on site with interior gib linings to walls and ceilings almost complete.  The majority of tiling of bathrooms and WC’s complete and all windows have now been supplied to site and ready for installation.  The first fix services are now complete and we are ready to start on the internal oak linings. The external fireplace is progressing well, ready for the terrace roof connection shortly.

15 December 2015 – Good progress this past month – we have almost completed the oak internal wall and ceiling linings and all windows and doors are installed and fully glazed.  The verandah roof has been constructed and waterproof ready for verandah seat construction below.  The joinery installation nearing completion and timber floors being laid.

8 March 2016 – We have had a busy couple of months as we near completion of this impressive home.  We have completed the internal fit out of the oak wall linings.  The floating tread staircase has been installed and the joinery is almost complete.  Light fittings and plumbing fixtures have been connected, building schist is well completed and extensive progress has been made on landscape walls and backfilling.  Not long to go now.

18 April 2016 – The house has now been completed and cleaned and ready for handover with the exception of the basement garage and plant rooms which will be completed by month end.  All systems have been tested and commissioned and are fully operational.  We are well into the landscaping, both planting and irrigation and hardscape items such as staircases, driveway and the rear walkway.  All done by the end of April.


Lot 18 Closeburn is a residential build comprising main house, spa building and utility shed set in landscaped gardens. Work has begun on site with earthworks for the main house and levelling of ground for the spa area.  Main slab has been poured, services and blockwork in place.

23 February 2015 – Work progresses on Lot 18 Closeburn with framing up on main house and implement shed taking shape.

10 August 2015 – We have been busy through the winter months and making good progress on this project.

7 September 2015 – Buildings are taking shape as we move into spring and towards the business end of this build.

2 October 2015 – Works in September saw the finishing off of the interior of the main house including decorative wall linings, fireplaces, installation of joinery and completion of painting.  A big push on the external hardscape throughout September, ahead of landscaping, has resulted in the entire project taking final shape and looking great.

6 November 2015 – October has seen the majority of interior works completed including floor finishes, decorative steel works, joinery and painting.  Externally the pool is largely complete, landscaping (hard and soft) have also progressed ready for a big push this month to plant out and apply finishing surfaces.

15 December 2015 – This project received a hard push through November, mainly on external works and landscaping to meet the project completion date of 4 December.  Stormy conditions proved testing for landscaping completion and the early arrival of furniture to fit out the house made finishing the internal components challenging.  However, practical completion was achieved.

Pete Norman and the entire construction team should be very proud of their efforts throughout the year.  It was an intensive 12 month build to meet programme, fraught with extreme winter conditions, however the end result is fantastic with a very happy client. (See photo update)