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In 2008, Peter Campbell formed Triple Star Management Ltd (Triple Star) in response to the growing demand from international homeowners and investors for a reliable and experienced single point of contact for all their construction needs in Queenstown and the surrounding Central Otago area.

In 2010, Peter Campbell and Karl Poole re-established Edge Construction 2010 Ltd, with the objective of bringing to the market a company that could provide quality construction with effective project management.

The two companies merged in 2015, to become a comprehensive and professional main contractor with integrated services over the entire project cycle. Triple Star is the amalgamation of the two companies and it is now owned by a group of employees who manage key areas of the business, with Peter Campbell, Karl Poole and Mark Davies as Company Directors.

Peter is both a qualified builder and project manager, with a university degree in Project Management and Valuation. He has successfully delivered a significant range of commercial projects, including hotels, hospitals, apartments, office buildings, and many retail and high-end residential projects in both the North Island and Queenstown.

Karl completed his apprenticeship with Edge Construction whilst building the prestigious Blanket Bay Lodge near Glenorchy. His attention to detail and building skills were recognised and he progressed quickly to a foreman role. Since this time, over the past twenty years, he has managed the delivery of multiple high-end residential and commercial projects around Queenstown. These include Lot 22 at Wyuna Preserve, 'The Peak' on Queenstown Hill and, most recently, the villa development at Blanket Bay Lodge.  


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