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Closeburn Residential - Queenstown

Located on a large 1.8-hectare site within Closeburn Station, this stunning residential development comprises five separate buildings and a total floor area of 1014m2. As well as a beautiful family holiday home of 738m2, this development also includes a day spa, belvedere, and implement and gardeners' sheds. 

To achieve our client's (and architect’s) expectations on the programme, we needed to question available building technologies to come up with a way of progressing the interior linings at the same time as the roof was being completed. To this end, we erected a large weather wrap over the entire dwelling that enabled building work to continue on both the exterior and interior, uninterrupted by weather conditions throughout the winter months.  

Key material features and finishes of this build include bagged plastered schist, bandsawn rusticated weather boards, timber window joinery, and Colorsteel metal tray roofing. The extensive external works for this project comprised approximately 8,500m3 of earthworks and the planting of around 2400 native plants.  

As well as ticking a number of boxes in terms of innovation, this project is an excellent example of the high-end construction the Triple Star team is capable of delivering, in terms of both time and budget.