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Millbrook Residential - Millbrook Resort

The impressive floor plan of this dwelling in Millbrook Resort includes six bedrooms (including two bunkrooms) and seven bathrooms.  The layout is predominately single level with the exception of an upper level bunk room and a guest loft area above the garage.  The dwelling is essentially symmetrical and centred around a walled west facing courtyard. The main entrance to the house features a porte cochere and a breezeway.  

The selected colours and materials are consistent with those prescribed by the Millbrook Design Guidelines and include aluminium clad chimneys, a steel pergola and beams, a timber framed bay window, dormer windows, and a combination of schist, plaster and cedar batten and board cladding.  

Landscaping includes trees around the periphery of the dwelling, mass planted native shrubs and raised berms to blend with adjoining properties and schist flagstones / segmental paving to the driveway.