Queenstown Building Company services

Concept to Completion Construction Company Services

Our all-inclusive range of high-end home and commercial building services allows us to provide an unrivalled, end-to-end service for our clients.

The services we provide include:

  • feasibility and front end planning
  • design and consultant management
  • consent management
  • land surveying
  • project and construction management
  • cost management and quantity surveying
  • construction
  • delivery and handover
  • accounting and administrative support

Our companies construction division is a Registered Master Builder and Licensed Building Practitioner comprising over forty highly-skilled tradespeople. Combined with our management team, Triple Star Queenstown offers a complete construction package.


Triple Star works in a challenging and constantly changing environment. As a team we search for and implement the most up-to-date practices and technologies to ensure we perform at our absolute best and provide innovative solutions for our clients.

Our commercially-minded team is recognised for its excellence in creative problem solving, pushing design and construction boundaries, and adding value for our clients – whatever the site, design brief and budget. 

Each project we take on is unique and we adapt our processes, resources and skills accordingly.  


Architecture Design & Consultant Management

Design and Consultant Management is a critical part of the project cycle.  We are big advocates of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and see this as fundamental to tailoring each of our projects to our clients unique goals and requirements.  Triple Stars involvement early in a project enables us to provide front-end and feasibility feedback to our client and design team from a cost, consent, and construction perspective.  

The services we provide include:

  • client representation, with a single point of contact
  • preparing and managing a master programme with realistic goals
  • engaging a consultant team and managing this team to meet the master programme
  • preparing and submitting resource consent applications to the relevant local authority and design review committee, if required
  • assisting architect with co-ordination of building consent documentation 
  • advising on sustainability and environmental considerations

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

Our proactive approach to cost monitoring and reporting procedures during the design and construction stages ensures that essential financial controls are in place to deliver our projects on budget. 

The services we provide include:

  • estimating at every stage of the design process
  • ongoing value engineering to meet the client's budget expectations
  • updating cost estimates as plans progress and establishing a realistic construction budget
  • estimating and scheduling of quantities and procurement
  • tendering, appointing and contracting the services of suppliers and subcontractors

In-house Land Surveying

Early access to survey information enables both the benefits and constraints of a site to be clearly identified and responded to early during the design process.  This capability enables our clients and consultant team to visualise their construction project within a site.  

The services we provide include:

  • the preparation of topographical plans to inform architectural and landscape design
  • earthworks design, calculations and plans 
  • services and infrastructure assessments
  • engineering design for roading, services and infrastructure 
  • subdivision design and land transfer surveys
  • engineering applications to Council (including Sections 223 and 224c) 
  • as-built plans
  • set-out of buildings, services, landscaping, earthworks, infrastructure and profile poles 




The combination of office-based management skills and site-based labour enables us to simplify the often complex process of construction, saving our clients time and money. 

We pride ourselves on our local experience, established relationships with key businesses and personnel and our proven reputation for delivering high-quality construction projects.    

Construction Management

Our experienced team of construction managers bring their building design and management skills to all our projects. Throughout the building process, we focus on efficiency, sustainability and safety in order to deliver quality projects on time. 

The services we provide include:

  • managing our own labour resource
  • construction procurement and implementation
  • contract administration
  • construction programming and tracking
  • tendering, appointing and contracting services of suppliers and subcontractors
  • ongoing cost management and regular reporting on project costs
  • survey and set-out services
  • monitoring of resource and building consent conditions (pre, during and post construction)
  • regular construction site meetings and client reporting
  • health and safety planning and implementation of environmental objectives

Construction Team

Having a dedicated labour force allows us to maintain a high quality of workmanship and continuity throughout all of our projects. Each project team is selected specifically to ensure the most efficient outcome for our clients.  

Our use of current technology and systems streamlines communication between the office and site-based staff.  This enables our work sites to stay up-to-date with all project documentation and instructions, reducing the risk of any delays.

Triple Star’s construction team is continually being challenged by the often complex projects we build providing us with opportunities to learn, lead and grow within a supportive environment.  


Health, Safety & Environmental Management

Triple Star is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for everyone. Our robust health and safety policies and procedures ensure that both our team and other subcontractors receive the appropriate training and guidance.

Triple Star is a member of the 'Central Lakes Safety Charter', a local initiative set up to increase the awareness and importance of health and safety within construction sites. We are continually developing our health and safety culture and are always looking for ways to continually improve our daily work environment.  

We understand that we affect the environment directly through our day-to-day activities and are committed to operating in a manner that reflects good environmental practices and management.  


Triple Star is a client-focused company that provides customised solutions and delivery certainty. Our projects are tailored specifically to our client's needs and financial resource and completed on schedule to the highest standard.   

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is about preventing mistakes and managing defects. We are proud of our reputation for attention to detail and the strong relationships we build to ensure all quality requirements can be fulfilled.

We operate on a proactive, transparent and open book basis. The high standard of our finished projects are a testament to the excellence of our team and the systems and processes we adopt.  

Regular Client Reporting

Clear and open communication systems are key to the success of our projects. Client reporting expectations are established early in a project.   

Typically, the content of our monthly reports will include a summary of the following:

  • progress and milestones for both design and construction 
  • consultant and sub-contractor status and contracts
  • any updates to programme 
  • status of consents and approvals
  • cost and expenditure control
  • red flags
  • health and safety

Our clients are also able to access a range of specific information relating to their project via our Construction Management Software, 'Procore'.  This includes regular photo downloads, access to all drawings/specifications and meeting agendas and minutes.  

Close Out & Compliance

Throughout the life of each of our projects, we manage the necessary approval and consent process. Upon completion of a project, and prior to delivery to our client, we ensure that all relevant code of compliance requirements and building and resource consent conditions have been adhered to and ticked off.    

Triple Star also manages the project close-out documentation our clients are provided with upon completion. This documentation will include:

  • relevant consent and approvals
  • user and operation manuals and instructions
  • contractor and subcontractor details and contracts
  • as-built plans
  • warranties and guarantees