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Bobs Cove Residential - Queenstown

This project began as an extension and renovation building exercise, however quickly evolved into large scale external alterations, the removal of the entire southern wing of the existing dwelling and the extension of the building footprint by approximately 400m2 to contain additional bedrooms, kitchen, dining and living spaces, underground service tunnel and basement.

The design philosophy behind this project was to ensure that the existing and new building would result in a natural and organic building that blends into the landscape. The building envelope encapsulates a combination of materials and finishes including exterior plastering, bespoke precast concrete panels and extensive amounts of glazing where large sections can be opened to the exterior. Windows are shrouded with thick aluminium which highlights the uniqueness of this design.

As primarily a bespoke project incorporating a number of international products and technologies, this building is different to anything constructed in New Zealand.  New products and technologies that are incorporated into the design include 'Dinesen flooring' out of Denmark, Vitrosca windows and sliding glass panels and large automated custom made accoya sunscreens. Automated insect screens seamlessly drop down from well considered structural elements to allow the large sliding doors to be kept open at any hour of the day, while a Dynalite lighting control system brings the several motorised systems and lighting under a single, client friendly interface.   Ground source heating is also a key component of this project and the ground source heat pump and cooling system will transfer heat from the ground to facilitate the underfloor heating.   

The design and consenting stages of this project were challenging and Triple Star co-ordinated an extensive design process with the consultant team in order to arrive at a product the client was happy with and that was structurally achievable, within budget as well as consent-able.